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Chariot Race 2018

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Bispham Hall Scout Estate 5-7 October.

Border Hike 2018

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21-23 October Gradbach Scout Camp

Beavers have Legoland Sleepover 2016

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The Cubs and Beavers enjoyed an unusually Sleepover which was held at Legoland. The Beavers and Cubs had the full run of the attraction and the went on rides, watched a 4D movie and played on the soft play climbing area. After burning of their energy they found a place to sleep including the brick pools. Everyone had a great time.

Cubs go Scuba Diving

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On Saturday the 10th October 3rd Timperley Cubs headed back to the water, only this time not to canoe on it but to swim under it. The Cubs met at a local swimming pool to try out the exciting activity of Scuba Diving. The Cubs got a full safety briefing including having to remembering the number one rule of Scuba diving which the Cubs enjoyed shouting out whenever asked – NEVER HOLD YOUR BREATH ….. OR YOU CAN DIE!!

Also as it’s really hard to speak under water the Cubs had to learnt to some important sign language such as everything’s OK, Go down, Go up and I’m having a problem. The Cubs then headed down to the pool side to put on and learn all about the breathing apparatus which they were about to use. It was now time to put their theory into practice. The Cubs then spit into their goggles and got ready to dive. At 1st the Cubs got used to putting their heads under the water and breathing using the respirator, once the groups were confident of how to breathe the next step was to sit down, followed by lying on the bottom of the swimming pool. Once the Cubs had done this to the satisfaction of the instructors it was off for a swim up and down the pool under water and performing underwater summersaults. Unfortunately time finally ran out and the group of very happy Cubs had to leave the pool. All the instructors commented at the end off how well the Cubs did and how extremely well they all behaved. The Cubs thoroughly enjoyed the event and can’t wait to go again. Which they all hope will be soon.


Cubs Summer Camp July 2015

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The Cubs headed to Linnet Clough Scout Camp for the Packs summer camp. The Cubs arrived and helped pitch the tents and watched the parents piece together the frame work of the new mess tent. Once the Cubs had set up camp they headed out for a spot of wooding while exploring the camp site. After a light supper it was still too bright for the best game ever so the Cubs went to their tents to get a good night’s sleep. The night was not a quiet one and not just from chatty Cubs as a thunder storm struck and lighting lit up the night sky. The next morning a handful of Cubs cooked breakfast while a 2 group of Cubs attacked the sandwich making ready for their walk later. The pack headed off for a couple of wide games followed by an adventure walk. Upon their return the Cubs took on “The Cube” a tower on which Cubs climb and jump off in a Leap of Faith. The evening saw games of Puttocks and Frisbeeball. The Cubs enjoyed a BBQ dinner and sat around a fire to sing some favourite songs. The Cubs told jokes and chilled out while telling everyone their best and worst moments. That night the Cubs got to sleep a lot quicker than the previous night and their reward was to be woken up nice and early next morning to try out archery. The Cubs had loads of chances to practise their shooting and were very good at hitting the targets by the end of the session. Once this had finished the Cubs set to work striking camp and only stopped to head off to crawl around the on-site Cave bus. The Cubs really enjoyed this and although was very hot inside the Cubs dragged themselves around the bus and went on it a number of times. Once the caving was over the Cubs finished striking camp and headed home. Over the weekend the Cubs face many challenges weather it was climbing the Cube, Crawling thought tunnels or just being away from home for the 1st time. Hopefully all the Cubs took something away with them which they will remember, Even if it’s the valuable lesson of what happens to those Cubs who keep leaders awake at night.


Cubs Canoeing June 2015

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On a sunny Sunday afternoon the Cubs took to the waters of the Mersey River to try out their canoeing skills. The Cubs took to the water in Canadian canoes and working as team they made their way down the river trying to keep them facing in the correct direction. Which on many occasions saw the Cubs go more Sideways and backwards than forwards. After getting to grips with the paddles they finally got into a rhythm. The Cubs then leant the art of water flicking as an ongoing water fight started and no boat was safe the drenching including the leaders boats. The Cubs had a great time and can’t wait to go again.


3rd Timperley Cubs Finish 3rd in Hiking Competition 2015

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Following 3rd Timperley’s Cubs spring camp challenge 8 of our Cubs returned to Bibby’s Farm for the Pip Hartley Memorial walk. This is a 10 mile Hiking competition designed for Cubs around the local area. Thanks to “The four piglets” amazing display last year 3rd Timperley Cubs entered 2 teams this time around. On Friday the Cubs helped our Scouts who had entered 5 teams into the longer pike view hike set up camp and also got to know the 4th Hale Cubs who had entered for their 1st Time and were camping with us. That evening saw the Cubs relax and play “The best game, Ever!” before an early night as Saturday would be a very, VERY long day. 3RD Timperley’s 2 teams “ The Awesome Foursome” and “The Spicy Dynamites” got up around 06.30 to have a filling breakfast after which each team members had their rucksacks checked over to ensure all the right equipment was packed including first aid kits, whistles, Emergency rations and survival bags. Once everyone was ready it was time for a 20 minute safety briefing at 08.30. Afterwards the Cubs raced back to site to collect their kit so they could be on time (08.51 and 08.54) for the Bolton Mountain rescue kit inspection. Once cleared the teams headed off to route planning. With no help from the leaders each team were give a route card and an hour to plot their 10 mile hike for which they were about to venture on. Only after their routes had be checked, re-checked transferred to a second map and checked twice again were the teams allowed to go to the start and collect their “on going incident”. Both teams set off in good spirts around their plotted routes. Although the actual hike is not a race there were points to be gained along the way at various check points where Cubs faced different challenges such as Flint n Steel fire lighting, Lego memory game and spot the Cub Badge. Each Cub team pushed on throughout the day and were given a much needed boost, when, not only did the Spicy Dynamites met up with the Awesome Foursome, half way round but also the 3rd Timperley’s Scout teams who hiking without leaders, told them tells of being lost and found. The exchanges were fantastic with every team having at least one funny tale. With the afternoon turning into evening both Cubs teams only had a couple of miles left to go. These are the hardest miles to complete as by now the Cubs legs were aching, shoulders were hurting and with what little energy left finally returned back to camp to face the killer final check point …….. The 2 minute run. Exhausted both teams dragged themselves to the finish line and signed themselves in just after 7pm. That evening the Cubs and Scouts once again told each other their hike stories followed by a rowdy sing song around the camp fire. Sunday morning the Cubs had a well-deserved lay in before heading to Bibby’s Farms Scouts own and a short St. George’s Day service and show, where the Cubs were very quick to point out that “The princess…….. Was a man!” After this each section spilt up to receive their well-earned certificates and more Important their medals. Each of the leaders was delighted for the Cubs and once again they had shown great character and determination to complete the mammoth Challenge. The only thing left to do was to get the results score sheets to see where our teams had finished. The Awesome Foursome due to some navigational errors decided they would be happy “As long as they didn’t finish last” and so were really pleased to discover they had finished 31st out of the 32 teams that had entered. The Spicy dynamites on the other hand were aiming slightly higher they wanted do better than “The Four piglets” and finish 15th or above, but when the Explorers, Scouts and Cubs all came back together to be told the overall section winners our cubs didn’t have to wait to see the Score sheets and where they had finished as the organisers announced that in 3rd place out of 32 teams was “3rd Timperley’s Cubs - Spicy Dynamite” The look on the Cubs faces was priceless, a split second of total shock before realisation set in as they went up to collect their prize. What a fabulous achievement and if we thought the Four piglets had set the bar high, the dynamites had not only raised it but lunched it into outta space. This event is hard and we entered it to give our Cubs a real challenge, a challenge to test all their Scouting Skills. This year we entered two teams and these two teams contained 8 fantastic Cubs who once again made us all proud.

Cubs Spring Camp 2015

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The sky was bright blue and the Sun was shining brightly on another gorgeous spring day. Unfortunately this was not the day when 3rd Timperley Cubs were having their spring camp, they headed to Bibby Scout camp for the first part of 3rd Timperley’s Cubs unique 2015 challenge. The sky was grey and the rain fall constantly. The Cubs arrived on site and quickly realised that when warned on the Thursday night that camp would be cold, wet and muddy the leaders were not joking. So since they were going to be muddy all weekend the only thing to do was… to do commando style mud strips to their faces ready for the battle ahead. The Cubs got to work unloading the kit and pitching camp. The stronger Cubs along with leaders soon worked out that because the site was so wet & muddy that standard size nigar wooden tent pegs didn’t need to be banged in with a mallet but simply pushed in by hand which speeded up the whole process. After lunch the Cubs grabbed their hiking gear for the Main activity of the weekend a gentle 5 and a bit mile hike which the Cubs had plotted using route cards on a previous pack night. If the Cubs had thought that our site was muddy it was nothing compared for what was to come. Down boggy footpaths and along puddle riddled tracks the Cubs walked. In certain parts the Cubs fought to pull each other free of the deep mud as they used their map and compass skills to guide themselves around their route. The Cubs crossed wet and windy wild fields and snuck past a Jack Russell and got told off by some goat who must have thought the Cubs were having too much fun. Once back on camp and an excellent evening meal the Cubs used the adventure playground. With night setting in it was time for the best game, Ever! After which the Cubs tired and happy had a small campfire to keep everyone’s spirts up on what was a cold night along with Marshmallows and Crumpets. The next morning the Cubs woke to that wonderful sound of pitter – patter of falling rain or to be more precise the sound of a hammering torrent of water bombarding their tents and a howling wind battering the tent doors. The Cubs slowly left their tents and packed their kit up in someone else’s bag or vice versa before having a quick breakfast. Next came that awful part of camping, strike camp. Once the sites was clear and checked the Cubs headed home ready to face the 2nd part of their Challenge.

3rd Timperley Cubs Win District Cooking Competition

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Over the past few weeks 3rd Timperley Cubs have had a chance to show off their culinary skills to the leaders, the leaders have tried to find a team to compete in the District cooking competition. This in itself was hard, as the pack has so many top chefs. A cooking team had been found, but this does not mean cooking is off the menu for the pack in the future. Under the Guidance of Butlins and our Young leader the Cubs perfected the art of cooking and presenting pancakes. On 7th February our team ventured to 4th Hales Hq to compete against 5 other packs. The standard of all packs was very high as each teams had to produce their own versions of a sweet and a savoury pancake for the team of judges to taste. Our cubs worked very hard as they prepare their pancakes and sweet sauce. Afterwards they had presented their offerings in a very professional manner. The Cubs work did not stop there as they rushed around clearing away, washing pans, utensils and even the floor! There was nothing else to do but wait for the result. The Judges gave out some top tips and announced the results to Our Cubs delight they had won. The Cubs now have the chance to go to Wigan and represent Altrincham at County.

Cubs Go Orienteering at Lyme Park - Feb 2015

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On Sunday 1st February 3rd Timperley Cubs ventured to Lyme Park to tackle their orienteering course. The Cubs arrived to find the park covered in a thick layer of snow. This did not discourage the Cubs as Snowballs began to fly while waiting for the off. Once teams were chosen everyone headed for the start. With map and compass in hand the groups started to navigate their away around a medium sized course. The first half of the course was fairly easy as most of the footpaths and tracks were either clear of snow or well-trodden, But the further the Cubs entered the park the more difficult it was to find and follow footpaths through the snow. Once all the post were found it there was just enough for a snowball fight before heading home. The Cubs did exceptionally well as they clambered up hills and scampered though the snow to find each post. The Cubs learnt a lot on this activity and not just map reading skills as they pushed themselves in extreme conditions and they all can be proud of how well they had done.