3rd Timperley Scout Group  

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Our Brief History:

"We have returned home" were the words of our Chairman at the opening of the Headquarters in November 1964.

You may be interested to know that on the site of the present headquarters there stood "Brook House" which was the first headquarters for the 3rd Timperley Cub Pack on its formation. In October, 1946, the Cub Pack was formed under Mr. J. K. Beatty who was succeeded by Miss Margaret Hinde. Until Margaret left to take up teaching posts abroad the pack thrived under her excellent leadership.During this period the Pack began its wanderings round Timperley. Brook House became uninhabitable and was pulled down. The Pack found accommodation firstly in a room attached to the new Civil Defence Headquarters in Stockport Road, then at Winston Hall with kind permission of the British Red Cross Association.This was followed by two winters in extreme conditions in a shed at Riddings Hall which was the testing and proving time for our newly formed Scout Troop.Margaret Hinde had always wanted the boys to progress within the Group from Cubs to Scouts. She introduced Mr. Drew to us and a Scout Troop was formed. This initiation period under such discouraging conditions would have wiped out most Groups. However, we survived!

Margaret left and was succeeded by Mr. Eddie Foden who worked extremely hard with the Cubs to bring them honours at the swimming galas and various Cub activities. Eddie resigned in September 1966 and Mr. Don Yale was appointed as Cub Scout Leader. In October 1962, Mr. W. Lyburn was appointed as Group Scout Leader and under his dynamic leadership the Group continued to thrive. Mr. Alec Williams was appointed Scout Leader in January 1967 and under his supervision the Troop would be further consolidated and strengthened. In 1965 the Group formed its Venture Scout Section with the first few scouts who had reached the age of entry. Mr. Eric Hall is Leader of the Venture Scout Section and under his practical guidance the interest of the youths is readily maintained in this, the final section of the Group.The Chairman of the Group Council for the eight years prior to April 1967 was Mr. Ron W. C. Blanshard. It was under his guidance and due to his example and enthusiasm that the Group Council was able to raise the money required and finally build our headquarters. The Group owes a great deal to him and to those earliest members of Council who gave him moral and practical support to sustain him in his determination to build a headquarters for 3rd Timperley against any odds. The first Queen's Scout Badges obtained in the Group were awarded to Richard Back and Derek Rowbotham in April 1965. This was a great achievement especially as they were obtained in the short space of 2.5 years. In September 1963, a Patrol from the Troop won the District Camping Competition and was awarded the Lambert Humble Trophy. In October, 1966, one of our Venture Scouts, Michael Shaw, was selected to represent the District at the World Jamboree in America in August 1967, a great success for Michael and the Group. Changes in the outlook of Scouting were inevitable and though they might have caused "heartaches" when old methods were dropped surely it was better to look ahead and be up with the times.

What is Scouting?

Scouting is an international, uniformed, youth movement. It is divided into several sections Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network. The aims of scouting are clearly stated but can be basically surmised as providing an opportunity for young people to develop, to learn and to enjoy themselves. Scouting can offer a wide range of skills and services and is open to any young person, of any creed or colour, mental or physical capabilities and of any gender. (3rd Timperley Scout Group accepts girls as well as boys). All sections rely upon a balanced programme. There are Challenge badges that complement the balanced programme. Scouting is not just about schemes, awards and badges. The 'games' and adventurous activities are very important to Scouting, not just because they are enjoyable, but because they are also important in the young person’s development.



Beavers: Aged 6 to 8 years old

Beavers are run on Monday evenings. The Elephant Colony from 5.45pm to 6.45pm and the Rhinos from 6.45pm to 7.45pm. The Beaver section activities include arts and crafts, playing games and work towards their challenge badges to gain their chief Scouts bronze award. Beavers take part in a few weekend activities including at least one sleep over. The beavers also attend the districts St. Georges day parade along with our other sections

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 Cubs: Aged 8 - 10 year olds.

Cubs is run on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 8.15. Cubs play games and also work towards their Chief Scout silver award. At Cubs we try to do one weekend activity a month from oreinteering to bike rides as well as go camping and having sleepovers. The Cubs attend 2 parades  St. Georges  day and remembrance  Sunday.

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Scouts:  Aged 10-14 years old

Scout troop meet Wednesday nights 7-9pm. Scouts is the last section at 3rd Timperley after which your child moves on to one of the three district explorer units in the area. The Scouts work towards their Gold chief Scout award. The Scouts go camping and play games as well as having more input  towards their activities.


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